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Paris for Speed Skating at the Olympic Games 2012

"10" />The president of the FIRS (Association of Speed Skaters) met the

chairman of the candidate committee of Paris for the Olympic Games in 2012 in

San Antonio (Texas) in April. Obviously Speed Skating was one of the topics of

their discussion. Philippe Baudillon and Armand de Redinger expressed their

interest to support Speed Skating on its way to Olympia 2012. The first

obstacle will be the IOC meeting in Lausanne in 2005 where the decisions what

sports will be incorporated in the Olympic program in 2012 will be made.

At the 26th Int. Criterion in Groß Gerau there was positive response

towards the efforts “SKATE for OLYMPIA” of the german speed

skaters. Stars of the speed skating scene like Anne Tietze Göhl, Christoph

Zschätzsch, and Sebastian Müller as well as Pia Knecht (Switzerland)

and Theresa Ryan (former Cliff), one of the most successful american speed

skaters, signed the list that will be available at all Races of the GBC and

other big Speed Skating Events.

Mike Saft