Arrival and departure

Environmentally friendly travel


Travel emissions

Travelling to and from international sporting events generates large amounts of CO2 emissions.

In the selection of the means of travel, participants can make an important contribution to a sustainable event.
Travelling by train is the most environmentally friendly option.

By car, an average of 154 g of greenhouse gases are emitted per person per kilometre. When travelling by plane, 214 g per kilometre are emitted.
If one chooses to travel by rail, only 29 g of climate-damaging greenhouse gases are emitted per kilometre. (source UBA)

  Graphic: SCC EVENTS. Data: The data given in the graphic are based on the data of the Umweltbundesamtes

Your race bib is your ticket

With your registration confirmation or bib number, you can travel free of charge on Berlin public transit on the day of the GENERALI BERLINER HALF MARATHON in the AB tariff zone between 5:00 am and 7:00 pm. '

To avoid unnecessary emissions, it is best to travel to Berlin by train, if possible.

Discounted event train tickets are available to get to Berlin for the race and EXPO. Further information can be found on the HALBMARATHON EXPO website 

Carbon offsetting flight emissions

Many participants have to rely on travelling to and from the event by plane. We are aware of this.

We are all the more pleased to be able to offer a direct way to calculate and compensate for flight emissions.

By carbon offsetting, you help to reduce the ecological footprint of the event.
To do so, click the link below, but be sure to read the following information on data protection beforehand.

Calculate the CO₂ footprint of your flight