Green Line


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Working together for more sustainability and solidarity:

Recycling meets charity at the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON.


Ecological responsibility and sustainable action of all participants in the practice of our sport and especially in the planning and implementation of our events are very important to us.

Together with WWF as our official charity partner, we are working to make our running events more sustainable and to raise funds for nature conservation and environmental protection. This only works together with you!

Marieke Fiona Wittneben, Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Project Manager at WWF, is proud of our cooperation:
"On the one hand, we want to work with SCC to test and implement resource-saving concepts for the events. On the other hand, we want to motivate runners to combine their sports challenge with a fundraising campaign. Only if we all become active can we shape a future in which people and nature live in harmony with each other."

From now on, we will always direct you to our news and information on the topic of sustainability under the keyword GREEN LINE. So, at all SCC EVENTS, wherever GREEN LINE is written, sustainability is present!

You will find the GREEN LINE EXPO stand directly in the lobby for the race kit pickup at the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON, where we offer lots of information, a contest and other activities. In addition, we provide a lot of exciting information about the topic for you on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.


We will make our GREEN LINE themes tangible for all visitors within the framework of the HALF MARATHON EXPO, together with the WWF and our title partner GENERALI. 

For the first time, the lounge in the area where the race kits are distributed will be our sustainable information area with

  • lots of valuable sustainability tips from experts and the community,
  • information about our ecological commitment,
  • a contest
  • and a photo campaign in which every runner can declare their commitment to a GREEN RUNNING lifestyle.

At our GREEN Talks, pro runners and experts will give you an insight into how you too can easily become a GREEN ATHLETE.

You will be able to find the programme for the GREEN LINE EXPO stand during the event week here and on our social media channels.