Drinking is part of your daily running routine!

No matter whether it's a cup, bottle, or backpack – keep yourself hydrated during training and competition!

Drinking is a must during training and competition! If you are planning on running for longer than an hour, it is recommended to drink something every 20 minutes.

For a continuous water and drink supply during the race, refreshment stations are set up at every race – that makes it easy. In training, consideration about the water and drink supply has to start before your run: think about where and how you can drink along the way and pay attention to how you can avoid waste and save resources from the get-go.

We have some practical tips for a sustainable water supply in training and competition - FOLLOW THE GREEN LINE!

In competition

Use the REFILL stations

Bring your own hydration pack, vest or hip belt with drinking bottles and refill them before the race and at the refreshment stations.

You can not only have a continuous and independent supply of water, but also help us as the organisers to reduce the use of one-way cups or the cleaning of reusable ones. 

Recycle your cups

Please always throw your used R-PET cups or reusable cups into the bins provided, as this is the only way they can either be made into new cups or easily cleaned for re-use.

In training

Especially in the city, it can be very simple

On long training runs, simply pocket some money and take a drink break at the supermarket or a kiosk on the way. 

But there is also a more sustainable method

Use a hydration backpack, hydration vest or a bottle on your hip belt during training.

In order to be well prepared for longer runs, simply consider the "public refill stations" along the way when planning your running route.

These can be hotels or cafés, for example, where you can ask for a refill. In addition, many cities already have water stations in prominent places that are excellent for refilling or as direct drinking stations.

Check with the water company in your city to see if and where public drinking water stations are set up.

Follow the GREEN LINE

With a little preparation and planning, you can easily ensure your water and drinking supply – not only when you are out running – while you avoid waste and ensure resource conservation by reducing disposable packaging and plastic. #followthegreenline

Home refills

Fill up a reusable container at home.

The refill supply is delivered to the door (e.g. with a subscription service) or to a shop.

The actual packaging remains the property of the consumer, who is also responsible for cleaning it.

Home refilling can work both in traditional retail and online retail. 

Out-of-home refill

Users refill their reusable packaging at a collection point outside their home, for example in a shop.

The reusable packaging remains the property of the user, who is also responsible for cleaning it. 

Return from home

Users sign up for a delivery and collection service that allows them to return empty packaging from their doorstep.

A company or service provider then cleans and re-dispenses the packaging.

Out-of-home return

Users buy a product in a reusable container and return the packaging to a shop or drop-off point after use.

The packaging is then either cleaned where it was returned (e.g. at a retail outlet) or a company or service provider takes care of cleaning and re-dispensing the packaging.

More tips from WWF on how to avoid waste in your everyday life can be found here!