There will be four free refreshment points on the course (ca. at KM 6, 10, 14 und 16,5). Water, tea and fruits are available in the finishing area

Refreshments on the course

KM 5 - ultraSPORTS Beetster 

Beetster is the first natural carbohydrate performance drink based on concentrated plant power from beetroot, ginger, lemon balm, grape peel and various other extracts. Taurine and the natural caffeine from green tea give you an extra kick. The fruity training and competition booster is vegan, free of fructose and lactose and therefore very well tolerated during exercise.

The Beetster at a glance:

  • Used during high physical exertion in training and competition
  • Contains 500 mg taurine per serving
  • Contains 8 mg natural caffeine from green tea per serving
  • Is fructose-free, lactose-free & vegan

Further information about the Beetster and its ingredients can be found here.

KM 13,7 - ultraSPORTS ultraGel 

ultraGels provide you with fast and well-tolerated energy during exercise. In addition to arginine and valuable plant extracts, the proven carbohydrate protein concentrate also contains an extra portion of sodium, which replenishes your stores in no time at all. The ultraGels are available in two flavours: Cola + Caffeine and Berry.

The ultraGels at a glance:

  • Real taste thanks to natural juice concentrates
  • Contains ginger and beneficial plant extracts
  • Contains whey protein from grass-fed grazing cows
  • Well tolerated as there is no fructose added
  • Above-average salt content

Further information about the ultraGels and their ingredients can be found here.

Refreshments and nutrition behind the finish line

KM 17,5 - ultraSPORTS Refresher

Refresher supports your regeneration with vitamins, minerals and high-quality protein. Immediately after exertion, it will give back what you left behind on the track and initiate your recovery with whey protein, zinc, selenium and magnesium. At the same time, the valuable ingredients support your immune system. You'll be fresh and ready to reach your next target in no time.

The Refresher at a glance:

  • Contains whey protein from grass-fed grazing cows
  • Contains zinc, selenium, magnesium and other minerals
  • Contains vitamins C, E, B3, B5, A, B6, B2, B1 and folic acid
  • Is gluten-free and low-lactose (< 0.1 g lactose per serving)

Further information about the Refresher and its ingredients can be found here.