The Human Safety Net donation gate

Run and do good

Together with "The Human Safety Net"

This year you can run as a participant in the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON and do good at the same time. If you walk through the donation gate on the way to your destination at kilometre 19.5 on Mohrenstrasse, you will automatically donate 2 euros for three selected social projects of "The Human Safety Net" – a global movement to help disadvantaged people supported by our title partner Generali.

You will be identified by your Champion Chip, so only those who deliberately run through the gate will initiate a donation. After the race, all runners who passed through the donation gate will be reminded by our timing partner mika timing about their intention to donate. After a 14-day period during which you can cancel the donation if you chose, the amount will be deducted by direct debit from the same account as used to register fees, so only those who chose to donate will do so.

Become part of the movement with your contribution and give disadvantaged people a chance for a better life.

See below information about the supported projects:



The Human Safety Net projects

The Human Safety Net for Refugee Start-Ups


Social Impact

Social Impact, headquartered in Berlin, is our cooperation partner for a start-up program for refugees in Germany. Social Impact offers advice from start-up professionals to entrepreneurs and businesses that have the potential to solve societal challenges. The Human Safety Net grant has funded expert advice, coaching, workshops and co-work jobs. Our focus is on unemployed migrants and youth.

Learn more about the project here


The Human Safety Net for Families


Stadtteilzentrum Steglitz e.V.

The Berlin-based Stadtteilzentrum (district centre) Steglitz has been working with children and young people for over 20 years and is one of the partners of The Human Safety Net for the For Families program. From running day care centres to working with socially disadvantaged families, the Stadtteilzentrum Steglitz sees its focus as being neighbourhood work that helps create better living conditions, thereby strengthening and promoting the entire neighbourhood.

Learn more about this project (information only in German available)


Jugendwerk Aufbau Ost JAO

The Jugendwerk Aufbau Ost JAO, active in Berlin, participates in The Human Safety's Net For Families programme by offering an array of social work projects for children, adolescents and families in several types of care centres. The organisation is supported through the involvement of around 500 dedicated employees.


Learn more about this project (information only in German available)