Newsarchiv Radcliffe and Korzeniowski welcome World Record status for Road events

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As approved by the 44th IAAF Congress in Paris, as of today official IAAF

Road World Records are recognised, under the same conditions as the previous

IAAF World Bests, in the following events: Running for both men and women -

10km, 15km, 20km, Half Marathon, 25km, 30km, Marathon, 100km and Road Relay

(with stages of 5-10-5-10-5-7.195km); Race Walking - Men: 20km and 50km, Women:

20km, Juniors: 10km.

Welcoming the new status are two of the star names from the road

disciplines, Britain’s Paula Radcliffe, now the World Record holder for

the women’s 10km, 20km, and Marathon, and Poland’s Robert

Korzeniowski who becomes the inaugural World Record holder for the men’s

50km Race Walk.

How do you feel now that your best athletics achievement(s) have been

recognised official World Record(s)?

Radcliffe - “I am really pleased that the IAAF has decided to

recognise performances achieved on the roads as World Records. I think that

this is a big step forward and is important for the sport of athletics to have

records and not just track and field.”

Korzeniowski - "It’s a great pleasure for me, that in athletics

there are no more the “even” and the “more even”

disciplines. The euphemism “all-time best result” did more harm

than good to the reception of our results by the public. This category

concerned only walkers and marathon runners but finally, we all are in the land

of common sense.”

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