Beverages and energy booster


 There are four refrehment points along the course at KM 5, 10.4, 14.7 and 17,.5.

 A gel-zone from our partner MAURTEN is available at KM 14.

 Water, tea and fruits are available in the finish area.



You probably know that you burn carbohydrates when you run – both in training and during the race. And how hard it can be getting the fueling right, without GI-distress.  

Our Hydrogel Technology makes sure you get enough carbohydrates without risking the session or race. Our range of products are trusted by the numerous World record holders and ambitious runners. They played a central role in Eliud Kipchoges World Record 2018 and have been used by virtually all major marathon wins since 2017. But there are no shortcuts, no matter if you’re finishing a marathon under two hours or north of five – science has shown that training your guts makes a huge difference.  
Along the course you’ll get access to the record-breaking technology at all aid stations.

– DRINK MIX 160 
– GEL 100 
Here are some exclusive GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON packs to get you started and make sure you have a solid fueling strategy for the race. 


So, get used to it.