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From the start with a view towards the Victory Column to the finish at the Brandenburg Gate, you will pass many Berlin landmarks. You will be cheered on along the fast course by lots of bands and spectators. Be there!


Wheelchair competitors

On Berlin's hot pavement, the landmarks will just fly past you. Enjoy the sightseeing ride and the applause of the crowds. The best conditions for a successful start to the season. Let's go!

Particular information for wheelchair competitors you will find  here 

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The Berlin route is flat and super fast. Numerous bands, several hotspots and lots of spectators will cheer you on and carry you to the finish at the Brandenburg Gate. Enjoy being celebrated!

Here are particular information for the handbiker.

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Runners, handbiker, wheelchair competitors

The participation limit for runners for the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON has been reached and the registration is closed. Via our cooperating tour operators and charity partner are still race entries available. 

Handbiker, wheelchair competitors and inline skater can still register until March 14, 2024*.  Here you will find information for inline skater.

New for 2024: Time keeping is already included in the participation fee. This means there is no additional coast for the rental chip.
The participation fee is scaled - it pays to be faster here, too!

1. - 2100. registrations EUR 69,00SOLD OUT!
2101. - 8000. registrations EUR 76,00SOLD OUT!
8000. - 35000. registrations EUR 86,00SOLD OUT!

* if participation limit has not been reached before 

  • The GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON is organized according to the regulations of the German Athletics Federation (DLV) and World Athletics (WA).

    • Athlethes YOB 2008 and older are allowed to participate
    • Nordic walkers are not entitled to compete
    • Walker are permitted as long as they stay within the time limit of 3:15 hours
    • Handbikes and race wheelchairs are the only authorized sports equiment

    Additional information for wheelchair competitors and handbikers can be found here.

    Time limit: The time limit for runners is 3:15 hours netto (from crossing the starting line): Participants whose speed indicates that they will exceed the prescribed time limit must leave the official course and continue running on the pavement or will be driven to the finish in the "broom bus". More information can be found here: Time limit & cut-off point.

  • Registration for the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON is only possible online via your personal user account

    Please note that we have a new registration system since May 2020 and previously created accounts are no longer valid.

    Since only persons of legal age are entiteled to create a user account, minors must be registered via the user account of a parent or guardian. At the beginning of the registration for the event you decide whether you want to register yourself or a minor. It is not possible to register other fully aged persons via your user account.


  • Pre-race massage 

    Pick-up your race material and enjoy a 20 min massage at the HALF MARATHON EXPO.

    ⇒  EUR 15

    You will receive an email approximately 10 days prior to the event with further information on how to reserve your preferred time slot for the massage.

    Race number magnets

    Good bye safety pins. Attach your bib number with the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON - bibbits and get running.

    ⇒  EUR 9,90 (per set of 4 magnets)

    Medal engraving

    Pre-order and have your your personal finisher time engraved in your medal on site.

    ⇒  EUR 12

    Photo package

    Watch out! Sportograf will be at the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON in 2024 to capture your running story. At various spots along the entire course, Sportograf will take pictures of you and make this special day unforgettable for you.  Secure now your personal photo flat with all your photos, a 1-minute video and additional impressions of the event. You can already look forward to many spectacular pictures of your sporting highlight of the year, which you can share with the whole world!

    This product is provided by Sportograf.

        ⇒ EUR 29,99

  • Your adidas Event-Shirt


    This T-Shirt is exclusively designed for the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON 2024. The lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and provides comfort during your run. The shirt is a great memory for the event and made with recycled polyester to save resources and decrease emissions. 

    Design: Surprise

    ⇒  EUR 35

    • This product is provided by adidas. In case of an order, adidas is the contractual partner.
    • You will get all your pre-ordered products at the HALF MARATHON EXPO with your race materials.
    • adidas size chart Download

  • While stocks last, you will have a choice of poncho or clothing bag when you register. Because of limited availability, the selection cannot be guaranteed for the entire registration period, so if you register late, you may only be offered one product. Please note that your choice cannot be changed once the registration is completed.

    PLEASE NOTE: From now on we can only offer the poncho for booking at registration. An exchange for a clothing bag is unfortunately not possible.

    • You will get the warming poncho after crossing the finish line.
    • The multiple reusable poncho is a great reminder of your run.
    • On the event day, you can NOT drop-off any clothes nor any valuables. It is not allowed to bring bags or luggage to the start area.
    • You will find the corresponding poncho symbol on your bib number.

    Bag drop-off
    • With your race kit you will get a transparent clothing bag and a sticker with your start number for the bag.
    • Clothing and valuables have to be packed into the clothing bag in order to enter the starting area. All objects need to be packed separately and loosely. You may not put other bags in your clothing bag.
    • You drop off your clothing bag at the indicated truck and retrieve it there after you finish.
    • You DO NOT get a poncho!

  • From 2024, the GENERALI BERLINER HALF MARATHON will be part of the SuperHalfs series. 

    SuperHalfs is an association of originally five, now six renowned race organizers from Lisbon, Prague, Berlin, Copenhagen, Cardiff and Valencia. The SuperHalfs series offers runners a unique and challenging experience when completing half marathons in these famous European cities. 

    You can register for free with SuperHalfs to receive a SuperPassport. Enter your SuperPassport number when you register for the GENERALI BERLINER HALF MARATHON 2024.

    More information about the SuperHalfs series

  • Refund of the participation fee

    We apologise for any inconvenience but due to the high logistical and organisational effort of the event, we cannot refund any participation fees at all. Detailled information on the refund of participation fees can be found in our conditions of participation.


    To cover the participation fee, the GENERALI cancellation insurance is offered for booking as part of the online registration.

    Race number transfers

    are not possible since it is person and event-related.

  • Your start card
    • is your personal ticket to the HALF MARATHON EXPO and thereby to your race kit
    • will be sent by email 7-10 days prior to the event (please check your spam/junk folder)

    Picking up your race material
    • is possible only at the HALF MARATHON EXPO at former airport Berlin-Tempelhof, Platz der Luftbrücke 5, 12101 Berlin.

                       Friday, April 5th, 2024 from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm

                       Saturday, April 6th, 2024 from 9:00 am to 6:30 pm

    • showing your start card and a picture ID (passport, driver's license)
    • must be done personally (no power of attorney accepted in any case)!

    Your race material consists of:

    • a bib number with attached transponder for time keeping
    • an athlete's wristband – which will be put on your wrist at the HALF MARATHON EXPO. IMPORTANT: Do not remove, because on the day of the event the entrance to the start area will be granted only with athletes wristband
    • a clothing bag OR a voucher for the poncho
    • a voucher on your bib number for your pre-ordered services or merchandise

  • Start

    Where: Straße des 17. Juni (between Brandenburh Gate and Victory Column)

    When: Sunday, April 7,2024

    • 09:15 a.m.: Inline skating
    • 09:55 a.m.: wheelchair and handcyclist competitors
    • from 10:05 a.m.: Runners (three starting waves)

    3:15 h (after passing the time measure mat)

    • Participants, who are slower than the time limit 3:15 hours must leave the official course and continue on the sidewalk or ride in the broom waggon to the finish. The organizer's liability is limited to participants who use the "broom waggon" service. Only participants who can prove all split times and run over the finish mat until the finish time will receive an official result and a medal, refreshment, massage and as the case may be the poncho.
    • The schedule and running course are subject to change.
    • The race will take place regardless of the weather, unless a weather warning form the German Weather Service exists.­


  • Time measurement is done exclusively with the MIKA TAG. The MIKA TAG consists of the start number on which a transponder is attached. The timing is done as usual by running over the mats at the start and finish. Since the MIKA TAG is a "disposable transponder", there is no need to return the start number. Furthermore there is no additional rental fee, the time keeping is included in your participation fee.

    Owner of a chip

    From 2024 on our timing service provider can no longer use the ChampionChip for time measurement. The technology will no longer be supported. Therefore all participants will receive a bib number with a dispsable transponder.


  • Decide if and by whom you would like to be tracked along the course. You make the choice when you register.

    You have three options:

    • “Public”– Anyone can follow you via the results page – simple and uncomplicated!
    • “Code” – You decide who can track you during the race. You will receive a code that you can share with your supporters so they can see where you are at all times.
    • “Private” – You do not want to be tracked.


  • Categories

    We classify and honor our participants in the following categories:

    • Masters (1995-2004)
    • Seniors (1994 and older)
    • Juniors (2005-2008)

    There is an additional division within these categories:

    • Separate rating:  Men/Women (Categories according to LAO)
    • Separate rating:  wheelchair athletes/ hand cyclists

    • There is no separate power-walker event. If you stay within the time limit of 3:15 you can still walk, but your time will be rated as a runner’s.

  • We would like to ask you to take 2-3 minutes of time to protect your health by completing our non-binding and free health check in the online registration process..

    Regular physical activity has a positive effect on your health. However, sport is no guarantee for a risk-free state of health. Familial risk factors, but also lifestyle-related risks are not always in direct correlation with your training condition and should be known in advance. Therefore, please be honest with yourself when answering the questions.

    With the PAPS test, we want to help you become aware of your own state of health—there are no consequences for your eligibility to participate. The recommendation at the end of the test is made available to you for your personal and voluntary further use. The PAPS test does not replace a visit to the doctor and cannot provide 100% certainty of an existing or emerging risk.  The collected, non-personalized data will not be handed over to the organiser. The data may be used in anonymised and encrypted form for scientific purposes by the Medical Board of SCC EVENTS. 

  • During an event, we and various institutions such as the police, fire brigade or medical aid organisations often receive search requests for the whereabouts of missing participants. In order to be able to answer these as quickly as possible and in compliance with data protection laws, we ask you to list one or two contact persons to whom we may provide information should they request info as to whether you are undergoing medical treatment in a hospital.

    We require the surname, first name, date of birth and telephone number of the contact persons. 

    Please understand that in case of inquiries – whether by telephone or at the information points in the finish area – we are only allowed to give information to the persons you have personally authorized with your registration.

    The indication of an emergency contact is voluntary.

  • The medical team from the organzier as well as additional paramedics are responsible for the medical care during the event. The assigned staff is authorized and obligated to remove participants from the race who are hurt or overexerting.

    Every person who decides to participate in a half marathon should undertake a medical check at least once a year.

  • Donate an amount of your choice to The Human Safety Net, the global community initiative of the international Generali Group. Together with #generalibewegtdeutschland  and their partner SOS-Kinderdorf e.V., they help disadvantaged families and their children to improve their own opportunities and to lead a good and healthy life. Your donation will directly benefit the SOS Family Center Berlin in Hellersdorf. Register now for the GENERALI BERLIN HALF MARATHON and show your commitment to the good cause with your donation. More information