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29th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON to admit 8,000 inline skaters

Previous editions of the race had seen a 6,000 competitor ceiling, which meant

that the entry facility had to be closed very early. Last year, a total of

6,105 athletes started in what was to become the biggest skating marathon


New arrangements with the competent local authorities have made it possible

for skaters to use some additional paved surfaces in the finish area so that

now there is enough space to accommodate a larger number of finishers once they

crossed the line, so as to avoid tailbacks, crashes or nasty falls. Also, the

field of skaters will be drawn out even more by further extending the staggered

start successfully introduced last year. Interested skaters should not hesitate

to register, though, as there can be no doubt that all of the extra 2,000

entries will be allocated very soon.