Wheelchair competitors and Handbikers

Additional information for the registration

Especially for Wheelchair competitors and Handbiker

  • Regardless of the type of disablement, only those participants are eligible to start who can finish the race on their own.

     Auxiliary drives of any kind are not allowed

     Kneeling bikes are not allowed in the race

  • Wheelchair competitors
    • T 1 Quadriplegic Tetraplegia C5/C6: No functionality of the legs, trunk or fingers; no ability to straighten the elbows
    • T 2 Quadriplegic Tetraplegia C6/C7: No functionality of the legs or trunk; limited hand functionality; arms and shoulders fully functional
    • T 3/4 Quadriplegic Paraplegia and other disabilities (e.g. amputations): Full arm and hand functionality; limited to full trunk functionality; some impaired leg functionality.

    • H1–H4 Recumbent hand cycle or adaptive bike / H1 Tetraplegia C6 and higher:Limited functionality of the arms and hands; severe limitations to straightening the elbows; limited temperature regulation
    • H2 Tetraplegia C7/C8: Limited functionality of the arms and hands; limited temperature regulation
    • H3 Paraplegia up to TH10: Limited trunk stability
    • H4 Paraplegia from TH11 to L4, leg amputations: Limited or no lower leg functionality; double upper leg amputations; normal or almost normal trunk stability

  • Helmets

    Wearing a safety helmet is mandatory. NO start without a helmet!

  • There will be a separate lead car for the wheelchair and hand bikers. Any danger points along the course are marked with a yellow flag. There are tram tracks at km 8, so please drive carefully and heed the yellow flags.

    • All participants will be registered and times will be kept using the ChampionChip.
    • We recommend that you use the specially protected Bike-ChampionsChip. Do not use the yellow runner chip. Mika timing will replace your yellow chip for a special chip at no cost.
    • Attach the chip as near as possible to the axe of the front wheel.
    •  The chip may not have any direct contact with metal. Be aware that no metal is between the chip and the street!