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36th real,- BERLIN MARATHON Inline Skating: Skater festival of the year at a late-summer marathon

Once again this year, the real,- BERLIN MARATHON made for an excellent skater festival. Who was paying any attention to the World Championships in China?  The pros from the World Inline Cup did not look as if they were feeling like they were in the wrong place, at least. Everyone who participated completely enjoyed the enthusiasm and attention from the spectators. With Cecilia Baena and Luca Saggiorato, we had the first three-time champions, and Etienne Ramali (5th place) was the top German skater in Berlin. In addition, it was also a German who managed to skate faster than Usain Bolt and collected the 1000-euro prize money.

It was a perfect marathon and perfect end to the season for over 7,500 registered skaters, who rolled through the Brandenburg Gate and across the finish happily and many with personal bests.

Marathon results and preliminary certificates

We would like to thank everyone for another unforgettable weekend. The excitement about the accomplished goals could be felt everywhere. You can get your current results from the 36th real,- BERLIN MARATHON at Not only will be find your intermediate times, but you can also print out a preliminary certificate there.


Baena and Saggiorato with their third victories; Schwierz faster than Usain Bolt

After the thirteenth edition of the real,- BERLIN MARATHON for inline skaters, there are still only 10 women’s and 10 ten men’s champions. Both Cecilia Baena (COL, Team Powerslide Matter World, 1:14:47h) and Luca Saggiorato (ITA, Team Rollerblade World, 1:02:50h) celebrated their third victories in Berlin – a feat no one had yet achieved. A strong sprint was once again the key to success. That is something that Matthias Schwierz had proven prior to the big event. In 9.442 seconds, he was the only one faster than Usain Bolt was at his world record race in Berlin (9.58 sec.), winning the 1,000-euro prize from the skate manufacturer Powerslide. Everyone was invited to participate in the sprint contest that was held along the final stretch of the marathon. A total of 50 amateur and professional skaters took the challenge.


Berlin DVD from available mid-November, trailer online starting September 23

Perfect marathon weather for perfect photos. You can watch all of the highlights on the new DVD about the inline marathon. In addition, there are interesting bonus tracks, such as clips from the other SCC-Skating events, from the GERMAN INLINE CUP as well as exciting images from the track. You will be able to view the first trailer for the DVD on September 23 at our partner company Starting mid-November, the marathon DVD will be available for purchase in our shop for €9.90 (plus S&H):

You can already submit a pre-order. The first 150 to order/purchase the CD will receive the popular official keychain of the 36th real,- BERLIN MARATHON. The DVD project was made possible through our partners and


Important dates in 2010

In 2010, the streets of the capital will be filled with power and dynamics once again – the four SCC-Skating inline events invite you to discover Berlin. The highlight will be the 37th real,- BERLIN MARATHON – the largest inline marathon in the world.


SCC-SKATING Events 2010

March 28 – 30th Vattenfall BERLIN HALF MARATHON

July 31 – 19th Vattenfall City Night

August 22 – XRace’10

September 25 – 37th real,- BERLIN MARATHON Inline Skating