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Countdown: Day 41 - the online registration started 12 years ago

6 weeks long, we would like to put you in the mood for one of the largest marathons in the world – the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. It will be a look behind the scenes, a glimpse of this mega event which is organized every year for the past 39 years.

For everyone the BMW BERLIN MARATHON begins the same - with the online registration for one of the biggest marathon races in the World. Since 3/13/2000, you can register online. This not only saves huge amounts of paper, but is also accessible from anywhere in the world. Shortly after the online application is submitted, our participant management gets it.

The whole year around, six people take care of everything regarding registrations and questions by participants. Before you are able to submit your online registration you have to fill out the PAPS Test, a health questionnaire. This is no harassment, but should help reduce the number of drop outs in the marathon and raise the attention of the runner that the marathon is something you need to prepare for and which is not possible to do without training. Even a little cold before the race can be a possible risk, therefore, all 40,000 participants have to complete this survey.

When registering, it is important that the participants enter their personal information as accurate as possible. Every year we get wrong birthdates such as 01/01/1900 or 03/31/2011 from participants.  

Once  18 years old, you can sign up for the BMW BERLIN MARATHON. The age is open-ended onwards, but the course stays open only for 6.15 hrs. So you should be fit enough to have a cut of less than 9 minutes per km for the entire distance of 42 km.

Incidentally, the registration for the 40th Anniversary next year will start end of October. For this year's BMW BERLIN-MARATHON, the participant limit was reached after 50 days.