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Countdown for the 39th BMW BERLIN MARATHON: 5 weeks to go

The Medical Institute of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON would like to serve you by this regular Newsletter with medical and sports science information for a successful and healthy 39. BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. We will update this Newsletter every 1 to 2 weeks until the 39th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON.

Health Check – Am I healthy for the 39th BMW BERLIN MARATHON?

We wish, that you start and finish the 39th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON healthy. Therefore please take part in a pre-participating health check carried out by an experienced sports physician(sports doctor). Diseases and health risks due to physical activity and sports could be detected by such a screening test. The health check should include a stress ECG (stress elctrocardiogram) and an orthopedic and internal examination. This sports medicine health check should be carried out in the last 12 months. If you are over 40 such a check should be carried out every year. Until the 39th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Marathon on 30 September 2012 you have the chance to implement the pre-participatiion check.

Blood check – Do I have iron or electrolyte deficiencies?

Deficiencies of iron and electrolytes could decrease your performance and could make your preparation difficult.. At this time there is a good opportunity to check your iron and electrolyte status. The analysis of the iron stores should inclued a blood count and the analysis of ferritin. Important elekcrolys are potassium and magnesium. If a deficiency is diagnosed, there is enough time, to start a substitution.

Fluid check – How much should I drink?

Dehydration can decrease your performance the 39th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON on 30 September 2012. In rare cases to much drinking can also cause health problems. Therefore it is important to know your individual fluid loss. A easy possibility to estimate the fluid loss is the measurement of your body mass before and after the training without clothes and in a toweled status. By the difference of the body mass one can estimate the amount of fluid loss, which could be calculated for 1 hour running.

Drinking during running need to be trained. Therefore plan and practice fluid uptake during your training sessions.

Take a break during illness, injuries or exhaustion

The critical preparation stage for the 39th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON is about to begin. Due to the increasing training amount often infections, injuries and states of exhaustions occur. To put your start at the 39th BMW BERLIN-MARATHON and your health not at risk, have the courage for a break until illness and injuries are cured. Also when you suffer from exhaustion take few days off to continue your training in a recovered status. If you have ongoing health problems contact your sports physician (sports doctor).

You can find further hints on our homepage at Training and Sports Medicine (e.g. Training plan)