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Countdown: Two weeks to go - Only flying is better - the speakers at the finish area

"Buddy you helped me! Without you I would not have done it!" These were the words of the U.S. ambassador in Berlin and right after he falls in the arms of the speaker. The ambassador meant most of all the last 400 meters from the Brandenburg Gate to the finish line and was saying this to one of the two speakers in the finish area of ​​the BMW BERLIN MARATHON. This way or similar will hopefully be the experience of a large number of participants on Sunday, September 30 at the BMW BERLIN MARATHON.

Two main speakers will animate the whole day the audience in the finish area and keep them informed with the latest information and live pictures from the course and at the same time prepare them for the arrival of the top runners. One of the speakers is specialized in the animation and the atmosphere in the stands and the other is responsible for the sport part. Additionally, there is a speaker for the skaters on Saturday and a speaker for the disabled athletes, the hand cyclists and wheelchair athletes.

The bulk of the work begins from about noon when the great masses of participants come to the finish. Then, the approximately 20 people who are part of the Speakers & Fan TV department really start sweating. The whole team is sitting near the finish. Once the cameras at the Brandenburg Gate capture a participant who is wearing a particularly costume or is otherwise noticed, everything has to happen very quickly. The speakers look up the bib number in their participant database, and then give information like nationality to the graphic designers and to the DJ. The graphic designer will search out the appropriate flag and the welcome text in the native language of the participant and the DJ supplies the stage direction with the right song.

In the case of the American ambassador, it was "Born in the USA". Finally, the director gives notice that everything is ready, and then the participant will be welcomed with a personal message in their own language. The repertoire of the speaker covers 18-20 languages. This procedure is repeated a few times until the last runner crosses the finish line. Of course, this is a very special moment for each of the participants. At the same time it helps the participants, not least because of the incredible atmosphere at the home stretch, to get to the finish. Only flying is better.