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Less than 2,000 entries still available for skaters

With more than six months to go until the running of the 29th real,-

BERLIN-MARATHON, on 29 September 2002, the number of places left for inline

skaters is dwindling fast already.

So you better hurry if you want to be in the starting line-up, as only about

2,000 more entries can be accepted now. At this point, more than 4.000 inline

skaters have filed their registration. With last year’s number of inline

skaters in excess of 6,000, the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON has become the biggest

skating marathon event world-wide. This year, the SCC organisers have again

imposed a limit for the num-ber of entries in order to ensure a safe, fair and

smooth competition.

The same as last year, skaters will start from "An der Urania"

street and join the superfast marathon course near the 2k mark at