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Message of greeting of the Federal chancellor of The Federal Republic

of Germany, Gerhard Schröder


"Gerhard Schröder" /> Once again, this years 29th BERLIN-MARATHON

sponsored by real,- brings together running fans from all over Germany, Europe

and many other countries around the world. 41,000 men and women will be taking

a route across Berlin. The runners, wheelchair athletes and skaters all have

various expectations: outstanding times, personal best marks or just simply

reaching the finish line.

I would like to welcome all the participants, those there to look after

them, the friends and relations who are also here and all the spectators of the

29th BERLIN-MARATHON sponsored by real,-. Emil Zatopek, the legendary runner

from Prague, once explained the phenomenon of running with the simple words

"Birds fly, fish swim, people run". In the meantime . and a few years

have passed since Emil Zatopeks time . many people have discovered the joy and

fun of this sport. As for Berlin in particular, a marathon provides a thrill

shared by participant and spectator alike.

I would like to thank the organizers, the many volunteers, the police, the

emergency services and all those who are working to make this years marathon

the usual success. My special thanks go to the organizing Sport-Club

Charlottenburg (SCC) and its members, who devoted many hours in preparation for

this event whose popularity extends far beyond the city limits, and who are

celebrating their clubs 100th anniversary . happy birthday SCC!

I am especially pleased that the 29th BERLIN-MARATHON sponsored by real,- is

again linked to a humanitarian project. The participants will be helping German

Agro Action in Afghanistan and thus jointly setting an example against world

hunger. My sincere thanks go to all concerned.

I wish every participant success in achieving his or her hoped-for goal, the

organizers the smooth running of the marathon and the spectators many hours of


Yours sincerely

Message of greeting from the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus



"Klaus Wowereit" /> More than 41,000 competitors from over 80 countries will be

taking part in an unparalleled sports highlight again this year, making Berlin

once again a city on the move. The marathon has become one of Berlins

trademarks as a city of sports, and there is no end in sight to this success


This year, however, we will be celebrating not only new records, but also an

anniversary. The SCC, the traditional organizer of the big "loop," is

celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. A better setting for a splendid

party can hardly be imagined.

I would like to wish all of the competitors-from the star athletes to the

recreational runners-an unforgettable running experience on the streets of

Berlin, good marathon weather, and an enjoyable stay in our city, which, as it

does every year at this time, belongs to the runners for the weekend.

Yours sincerely