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real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2002 fully booked out

With more than three months to go until race day – 29.09.2002 – the

29th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON is fully booked with 33,000 runners and 8,000

inline skaters from 80 nations around the world. The total of 41,000 marathon

starters will make this event the biggest marathon in the world.

Add to this the about 7,000 school children expected to take part in the

14th real,- MINI-MARATHON for schools teams from the Berlin and Brandenburg

region who are to run 4.2195 km of the original marathon course, marathon

Sunday will see a total of 48,000 athletes high on their heels across the


To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the organising club SCC Berlin, the

marathon also doubles as the German Marathon Championships.

Only a small contingent of the much-coveted race numbers for the 29th real,-

BERLIN-MARATHON will now be reserved as charity entries at the symbolic price

of Euro 200 to support the Afghanistan Project run by the DWHH, also known as

German Agro Action, a non-profit organisation to combat famine in the