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Dec 2001

Running Review

The big Berlin road races made news in the world this last year 2001. At the

28th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON three world records fell when Naoko Takahashi

bettered the marathon world record previously held by Tegla Loroupe to 2:19:46

hours. At the same time Naoko Takahashi recorded official leading world records

at the 25km mark with 1:22:31 hours and 30km mark with 1:39:02 hours.

But already in spring there was some big news. Fabian Roncero of Spain ran a

European record of 59:52 minutes at the...

The World`s Best Marathons

The definitive list of the worlds top 10 marathons is presented by RUNNERS

WORLD UK, the world leading running magazine, which made a poll within its

international editors:

"When we decided to name the worlds 10 best marathons, we went straight

to the top. We collected the opinions and experiences of the staff of the seven

international editions of RUNNERS WORLD: We all cast our votes, and even though

we all run and report on international marathons for a living, we each added

the votes of an...

German Road Races association passed several trail-blazing resolutions

At their annual meeting this year, held in Bolzano on Nov. 10-11, the German

Road Races association passed several trail-blazing resolutions that will

strongly influence the face of road racing in Germany in the years to come.

They included two decisions relating specifically to competition conditions.

Firstly, all the major members of GRR, specifically the large city marathon

organizers, have undertaken to in future conduct tests for EPO and thus to

guarantee fair conditions for all on the...

8,999 RUN! The 26th Lake Kawaguchi Nikkan Sports Marathon

It was the first time for Mr. Katsumi Asada, who is 35 years old and has

done 23 marathon races so far, to win the race with finishing at2.22.43. Since

the race started Mr.Seiji Kushibe, who is 30 years olds, left far behind. Then

Asada had been running with the second group and caught up with the top at

around 39 km. It was at the point of 200m left that Asada rushed to the goal

and finished the race without knowing his win. Ashida is determined to send to

Berlin Marathon to take place at next...

Nov 2001


london, 14.30 gmt

The funeral service for leading athletics manager/coach Kim McDonald will

take place at 12.15pm on Wednesday November 28, at the Chapel, St Marys

College, Waldegrave Road, Twickenham, Middlesex.

McDonald, 45, who coached Olympic 1500 metres champion Noah Ngeny and Peter

Elliott, the 1990 Commonwealth 1500 metres champion, died suddenly of a heart

attack in Australia almost two weeks ago.

The family requests that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to a trust

fund which has...

UNITED WE RUN - Berlin at the NYC Marathon

The 25x40 metre big banner, labeled with "UNITED WE RUN" had been

unfolded over the heads of the runners of the 28th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON -

last sunday on Nov 4th at the New York City Marathon the banner was also

present - carried by more than 50 race directors from all over the world to the

starting area of the marathon.

Because of the strong winds at the Verrazano Narrows-Bridge New Yorks race

director Allan Steinfeld decided that the banner could not be carried by the

runners on the bridge....


It is with profound sadness that Kim McDonald International Management

announces the death of its founder and chief executive. Kim, aged 45 was found

dead from a heart attack in his hotel room last Wednesday, while on holiday in

Brisbane, Australia. The delay in making the news public was necessitated by

the process of identification and informing next of kin, his mother Margaret

and his daughter Bridget, along with her mother Ellen. A very good runner

himself - a 4.02 miler and a 2.19...

Dream Debut

Noah Bor had a dream debut at the marathon yesterday, when he won the Athens

Classic on the original course from the village of Marathon to Athens.

Originally intended as the pacemaker for his more experienced colleagues, the

27 year old Kenyan repeated the surprise of the recent Berlin and Chicago

marathons, also won by Kenyan abbits. "I didn expect to win, I thought the

others would be too strong, but when they weren coming at me after halfway, I

decided to go," said Bor, whose elder brother...


Given the world order since September 11, the organisers of the Athens Classic

Marathon feel they have even more reason to dedicate their event on Sunday to

the memory of former athlete and peace campaigner, Grigoris Lambrakis, who was

killed while trying to organise peace marches during the social upheavals in

Greece almost 40 years ago. A Balkan champion jumper and record holder,

Lambrakis was one of the post-war founders of the Greek athletics federation,

and a founding member of the Hellenic...

Oct 2001

Bewags huge banner of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON "starts" in New York

The huge banner which at the start of this years real,- BERLIN-MARATHON on

September 30 referred in a very particular manner to the current political

situation in the world will go on a trip. In a way similar to that in Berlin,

it will be draped over the athletes participating in the New York City Marathon

on November 4, 2001 and send out a political signal to the world at large.

The huge banner has a size of about 25 x 40 meters. It bears the logo of the

real,- BERLIN-MARATHON and of the New...

Welcome to the Club!

In the wake of the successful 28th real,- BERLIN MARATHON on 30 September 2001

the Jubilee Club, too, can present a proud track record:

54 participants of this run successfully crossed the finishing line –

now relocated to Tauentzienstrasse – for the tenth time.

The majority of new members were presented with their certificates and the

coveted green Jubilee T-shirts right away during the presentation ceremony on

Breitscheidplatz next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.

All other “newcomers”...

Disqualifications during real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

Not all runners who started at the Charlottenburger Tor on Strasse des 17. Juni

and finished in Tauentzienstrasse ran the full distance. Some decided to take a

shortcut along the way by taking the Underground, riding a bike, etc. 74

runners had to be disqualified and their names deleted from the list of results

during the 28th real,- BERLIN MARATHON on 30 September 2001.

Some did not even make it to the first 5-km point only to appear at the

finish soon after. For many the marathon seemed more...

Three world records set by Takahashi in Berlin

Naoko Takahashi (JAP) was the first woman ever to break the 2.20 barrier in the

marathon when she clocked 2.19.46 to win the 28th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON on

September 30, 2001, opening a new chapter in the history of the famously fast

Berlin course.

The SCC marathon organizers have now submitted the complete record documents

for recognition by the IAAF in Monaco. The documents show that Takahashi set a

total of three world records on the way to her legendary Berlin achievement,

passing 25 km in...

Catherine Ndereba Captures Avon Running Global Championship Title

More Than 17,000 Women Participate in 10-K and 3.6-K Events Catherine Ndereba

of Kenya captured the Avon Running Global Championship title today, crossing

the finish line in Margit Island stadium after running the 10-K course through

the downtown streets of Budapest. She covered the distance in a personal best

time of 31:02, the fastest certified road 10-K ever run on Hungarian soil, and

equal to the second-fastest ever run in Europe.

Elana Meyer of South Africa finished second in a South...

More than one million runners in 311 events

In the aftermath of its 28th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON of September 30, 2001, the

SCC Berlin can proudly report an impressive record of participation in events

organized by this club:

A total of 1,025,309 runners took part in 311 races during the period from

1964 to 2001.

The nine races staged in 2001 alone saw 89,803 runners starting. Top ranked

is the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON with a total of 56,427 participants (37,815 in

the full marathon, 12,000 in the breakfast run??, 6,326 in the MINI-MARATHON,...

Bitten by the Marathon bug

by Mike Saft

30th September 2001. The marathon inline skaters are meeting in Berlin to

make their 42.195 kilometre sightseeing tour of the German capital for the

fifth time. That’s how it was for most of the 6,000 starters allowed by

the organisers, SCC. They had had to decide fast, because more people wanted to

start than there were places. As it turned out the SCC’s decision was the

right one.

8:00 am. It’s cloudy, but the streets are dry. The skaters begin to

join their starting groups and...

Daughter of the Typhoon

As Uta Pippig was standing near Wild Eber Platz waiting to take the baton for

the final seven kilometre leg as part of the UNICEF relay team in the real,-

BERLIN-MARATHON, Naoko Takahashi had already run past. It still wasn clear if

the Japanese runner really would be able to be the first woman to break the 2

hour 20 minute barrier. "Im keeping my fingers crossed for her," said

the three-time real,- BERLIN-MARATHON winner.

Meanwhile, fellow-Japanese Hiroaki Chosa, the president of the...


Naoko Takahashi - currently starring in a manga comic strip in Japan - added

the world record to her Olympic marathon title, when she won in Berlin Sunday

morning, in a time of two hours, 19 minutes, 46 seconds. Takahashi takes thus

57 seconds from the mark set by Tegla Loroupe of Kenya on the same course two

years ago. More pertinently, it is the first time that a woman has run sub-2hr

20min. Loroupe was never in the race for victory and, although second finished

in 2.28.02. In her first ever...

Sep 2001

Giant Step for Womankind?

The Berlin Marathon has produced two world records in the last three years, and

with Tegla Loroupe of Kenya, who set one of those records running against

Olympic champion Naoko Takahashi of Japan on Sunday, chances are for a hat


Both women claim to be in their best form, and are talking about a finishing

time of two hours, 18 minutes. Loroupes world best, set here in 1999 is


A sub-2.20 time would represent another major stride forward in womens

athletic performance. Marathon...

Giant banner at the start of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

Just before the start, athletes taking part in the run will be covered by a

huge, 25 x 40 meter, banner bearing the logos of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON,

the New York mara-thon, and the slogan “United We Run”.

The real,- BERLIN-MARATHON wants to express its heartfelt sympathy with the

American people in general, and with the New York marathon - which is taking

place on the 4th of November this year - in particular.

This gesture, and the participation by more than 37,000 runners from 85



Japans first female Olympic marathon champion - with her two hours, 23 minutes,

14 seconds victory in Syndey last year - Takahashi also became the first

athlete to take advantage of a relaxation in rules governing sports advertising

in Japan, and signed up to become a comic book hero. For the last four months,

the 29 year old Takahashi has been the subject of a comic strip entitled

Kazekko, or Daughter of the Wind, in a magazine which sells 700,000 copies a

week. There is however, a minor...

28. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON on September 30, 2001

The organisers of the 28th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON have chosen the slogan

“RUN FOR PEACE” for this year’s event as a sign of their

feelings about the present world political situation.

At the time of announcing the decision to continue with the staging of the

event, with over 37,000 participants from 85 countries, athletes were also

requested to donate to a fund for the dependents of those New York fire

fighters and police who lost their lives in the recent tragic events, and to

wear a mourning...


A New York fireman for 20 years, Victor Sailer is also a well-known figure as a

photographer throughout the world of track and field athletics. In that

capacity he has been shooting the real,- BERLIN MARATHON for US newspapers and

magazines since 1995. As soon as the Berlin organisers ascertained that Sailer

was safe after the attack last week, they set up a fund, to which they hope all

40,000+ participants in this years race on September 30, will contribute.

Berlin race director, Horst Milde...


The organisers of the 28th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON have chosen the slogan


for this year’s event as a sign of their feelings about the present

world political situation.

At the time of announcing the decision to continue with the staging of the

event, with over 37,000 participants from 85 countries, athletes were also

requested to donate to a fund for the dependents of those New York fire

fighters and police who lost their lives in the recent tragic events, and to

wear a...

Last days before the 28. real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

Since a couple of months you prepare for the 30th of september, either for the

first time or with a lot of routine. To begin with: To be nervous is quite

normal, for "first- timers" as well as for many- time- finishers.

Some want to improve and reach a new personal best time, others just want to

finish. There are a number of questions: Did I prepare right? Will my power

long for 42,195 kilometers?

When you hear the startsignal, every thought will be forgotten. Maybe you

spoke to friends about...

The real,- BERLIN-MARATHON is appealing to all marathon participants for donations to the collection for the bereaved families of the New York Fire Department and Police.

In response to numerous inquiries, the organisers of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

confirm that the marathon will take place on September 30, 2001.

As a sign of the solidarity of Berlin, the citys marathon, and its more than

36,000 participants with the victims of the brutal attacks of 11.09.2001 in New

York and Washington, the organisers of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON are appealing

to all participants to give generously to the collection being made for the

bereaved families of the members of the...

Under the patronage of the Federal Chancellor

The SCC race organizing team are proud to announce that an extraordinary honour

has been granted to the BERLIN-MARATHON event to be held on 30th September


The Federal Chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, has agreed to become patron

of Germanys largest and truly international running event.

This particular gesture by the head of government, which is normally granted

on the occasion of European or World Championships only, underlines the

paramount importance of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON for both...

Aug 2001

SMS Result Service

For the second time the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON is offering the SMS result

service to the running community.

Every participant can register up to three mobile phone numbers of his

friends and relatives. Just after he crosses the finish line, a message via the

Short Message Service is dispatched and sent to the registered phone


The message contains the Bib number, Rank, First and Last Name, chiptime,

half marathon time and even more. The service works world wide and is

completely free to...

Worldrecord Holder meets Olympic Champion

The organisers of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON are proud to announce a special

highlight: After the comittment of the Japanese Olympic Champion Naoko

Takahashi the worldrecord holder Tegla Loroupe is also set to run the real,-


Tegla Loroupe has entered the world of marathoning with a stunning debut

winning the New York City Marathon in 1994. She set her world record of 2:20:43

when winning in Berlin in 1999.

This battle will have an almost historic dimension, since the last time,...

Record: 36,000 entries for the 28th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON 2001

As early as nine weeks before the 28th running of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON on

30 September 2001, the maximum limit of entries is already reached.

In total, 36,000 athletes have entered for the event. On-line registration

has now been closed, no further entries will be accepted.

With this record number of participants (6,000 in-line skaters and 30,000

runners) Berlin is now on a par with marathon giants New York and London.


Jul 2001

Only 1,500 bibs left for runners

Ten weeks before the 28th running of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON (30

September 2001) the organizing staff of SCC Berlin can report yet another


To date, 34,548 participants from 76 nations (including 6,000 inline

skaters)have entered the event, which means that last years figure of 34,090

participants has clearly been exceeded. More than 12,000 entries were received

via the Internet so that on-line registration has proved an extremely helpful

tool for the organizers.

While entry for inline...

"Well prepared is the one,who starts healthy"

Medical check before the start. That is our concern

Dr. med. Willi Heepe

Medical director of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON

Headlines in the news, like some years ago: "Death runs with

us"-we took serious despite the slogan- like style. The real,-

BERLIN-MARATHON- Medical Service wants to concentrate on this today, because we

are not only interested in the records but also in the runners, who cross the

finish- line with a smile and without bigger problems on the 30th of

September.There is a growing...


David Martin is Sports Scientist at the Georgia State University and a truly

marathon expert. He has written the classic book "The Marathon

Footrace" and is also Head-Statistician of AIMS.

Never before in history have there been so many marathon races on our

planet. Every large city, it seems, and plenty of small cities as well, have a

marathon footrace. It is not an easy job to run 42,195 meters - it is a very

special person who does this and who is happy to receive just a small


Jun 2001

Wheelchair athletics then and now

Heinz Frei, 13-time BERLIN-MARATHON wheelchair race winner, writes about the

development of wheelchair athletics.

The beginnings of wheelchair athletics go back to the early 80s, when the

first wheelchairs specially designed for competitive sport began to be built.

Those first racers were not very different from the conventional wheelchairs

used for getting about. Since then there has been a period of intensive

development resulting in high tech race wheelchairs which are tailor made to

suit the...

real,- BERLIN-MARATHON more popular than ever

Sensational news: Japanese heroin Naoko Takahashi (Club Sekisui Chemical

Industries), winner of the Sydney Olympics marathon, has officially announced

she will run the 28th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON on 30 September 2001. Her

participation will add another highlight to the impressive history of

world-class athletes competing in this extremely popular Berlin race.

Already on 23 April this year, head coach Yoshio Koide, together with the SCC

Berlin organizers, inspected the Berlin marathon course and...

Elderly gentlemen in the wake of the Supergirls - Inline skating is a fun sport!

Hanpeter Detmer writes about the separation of female and male elite skaters at

the start. In the spring a major upset happened at the Hansaplast Marathon

Hamburg when the first female skaters who crossed the line were disqualified

because they started with the fastest man and drafted.


I understand that there are still some people who think that speed-skating

is just for fun. They can only be...

Olympic Champion to run real,- BERLIN-MARATHON!

The Japanese Olympic Marathon Champion Naoko Takahashi will run, 371 days after

winning the gold medal at the Sydney Olypmic Games, the 28th real,-

BERLIN-MARATHON on the 30th of September 2001.

Returning from Australia to Japan NaokoTakahashi received a heros welcome

and is now one of the most popular athletes in Japan.


the extra-ordinary and demanding effort Naoko Takahashi was using a lengthy

recovery period and is now using a long build-up to prepare for this years


Naoko Takahashi starts in Berlin

The real,- BERLIN MARATHON has just announced that Naoko Takahashi will run her

first marathon after Sydney in Berlin on 30th September. It is the first time

that an Olympic champion belongs to the elite field of the BERLIN MARATHON. The

only other who had run in Berlin was Waldemar Cierpinski in 1997 – but

that was for fun. It will be serious for Takahashi who was reported to have

said: “I am happy to know which marathon I will run next. There is not

much time left so I will concentrate on...

42,195 meters - not one less, and just a few meters more

The art of course measurement

When you run a particularly good time in a race, you often wonder right away

if the course is short. If the course is advertised as "certified",

you have some degree of assurance that it is accurate. After all that is what

you have trained for: to cover the distance between the start and finish lines

in the shortest possible time.

But what looks quite simple at first glance is a complicated endeavour.

Even an insignificantly short course can lead to a big scandal,...

See how they run

Hugh Jones writes about new English running phenomena. Hugh Jones is a former

world class marathoner, winner of the London Marathon 1982 in 2:09:24, and

serves now as the general secretary of the Association of International

Marathons and Road Races (AIMS).

What makes people run? Kids run out of exuberance: they’re impulsive

and impatient. Adults run for a purpose: to catch a bus or train. Elite runners

are a curious blend of these motivations. Their youthful enthusiasm has been

turned to the...

May 2001

Skaters: Only 500 entries remaining

The enormous demand for entries for the 28th running of the real,-

BERLIN-MARATHON on 30 September 2001, has dramatically shrunk the number of

places remaining for skaters.

So, speed skaters should waste no time: only about 500 entries are still

available. On-line registration will be closed soon.

The 2000 edition of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON saw 6,741 inline skaters

which made it the worldwide biggest skating marathon. This year, the organisers

SCC have limited the number of skaters entries to...

Rush to secure place in real,- BERLIN MARATHON which will take a slightly changed and even more attractive route

Even though there are still almost five months to go before the 28th real,-

BERLIN MARATHON takes place on 30 September 2001, the organisers are

experiencing a record number of entries.

So far, organisers SCC have received 14,478 registrations from 59 countries

- a massive increase on the 5,283 registrations this time last year.

Just over half the registrations were submitted on-line. At this rate, last

years record number of participants - 34,090 runners from 83 countries - looks

set to be...

Rodgers Rop runs world best for 25 k in Berlin

Once again a major road race in Berlin has showed that the streets of the

German capital seem to be ideal for running world class times. It was only five

weeks ago when Fabián Roncero of Spain broke the hour in the Berlin Half

Marathon and set the fastest time of the year for the distance (59:52). In that

race Rodgers Rop came in third with 60:57 minutes. Now the Kenyan came back to

Berlin and achieved a world best time. The 25-year-old won the 21st 25 km von

Berlin with 1:13:44 hours, lowering...

real,- BERLIN-MARATHON starters list available

Only 5 months until the 28th real,- BERLIN-MARATHON will be started. Everybody

who wants to get sure that he has been successfully registered for the marathon

can now look up his name in our online starters list.

Please note that currently only registrations which have reached us by

postal mail until April 26th, 2001 or which have been made until February 28th,

2001 can be searched.

Online-Registrations from March 2001 and April 2001 are currently

transferred into our database and will be...

Apr 2001

Marathon Growth Continues in U.S. and World-Wide

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - (April 11, 2001) - April is marathon month across the

country and the world--from Boston to Big Sur, from Paris to London and points

in-between. A review of the 1999 and 2000 marathon data by the USATF Road

Running Information Center indicates another period of growth here and

world-wide. See tables and lists below.

The preliminary race data, from the larger and more established U.S. events,

shows nearly an 8% increase in finishers for the same 116 marathons from 1999


Structuring the International Running Sport Museum in Berlin

Gerd Steins for the

BERLIN SPORT MUSEUM, AIMS Marathon Museum of Running:

Founded in 1925 as a museum of physical exercise for Berlin

Reopened in 1970 as a sports-historical Berlin showpiece

Since 1990, museum of the Berlin county, from 1995, part of the city museum

foundation, Berlin

Since 1994, AIMS Marathon Museum of Running

Today, the great running sport events move millions worldwide to activity

and attract enthusiastic viewers with their spell. Running, as a form of

generally popular sport...

Living to run

by Heinz Florian Oertel (73), more than 40 years sport correspondent for East

German TV and radio, reporter at 17 Olympic Games, 8 Football World

Championships and other big sporting events

Living to run? Yes! Because running means living. And quite honestly,

running is a method of survival! Anyone who thinks that is going a bit too far

only needs to take the advice of some important people from the past. To name

just two: Goethes theory in "Reineke Fuchs", that "Running is

better than being...

Running, my lifelong Dream!

Sharlene Wills was born blind and will be participating for the first time in


As I stood in the midst of thousands of other runners and walkers that March

morning in 1988, waiting for the starting gun for that years City of Los

Angeles Marathon to go off, many thoughts and feelings whirled around inside

me: what have I gotten myself into, trying to do a 26.2-mile race with almost

no training? Will I be able to complete the course? Will my guide dog, Sheba,

get us...

Skating at the Halfmarathon

At 9.30 a sunny morning in Berlin, more than 1600 skaters were waiting for the

start signal for the 21st Berlin Halfmarathon.

At the start line were the teams of Rollerblade, Salomon, Roces and the

Dansih Team Viking Rubber. Every team was ready to put down the pedal for the

first big race in Germany and hoping for victory for their team.

The start went and 1600 skaters were on their way on this great course

around the center of Berlin.

From the begining the Team Salomon was trying to the make...


The 21st BERLIN HALFMARATHON, for a long time only the "small

brother" of the BERLIN-MARATHON, steadily becomes the "Big

Brother" and a competitior with a look at the number of participants and

the quality of the runners finisher times.

There have never been before this much entrants: 11.655 participants from 53

countries had been at the starting line at the Fernsehtum in the

Karl-Marx-Allee, surrounded by good weather conditions. The mayor of

Berlin-Mitte, Joachim Zeller and German 5.000 m...

Mar 2001

There is something afoot in American Long Distance Running

There is a something afoot in American long distance running today that is

renewing the faith of fans here and is making these days very exciting ones for

everybody involved in the sport.

Fueled by last years disappointments when for the first time in recent

memory only one American woman and man qualified for the Olympic Marathon,

national and private and corporate interests are now joining forces to get

American long distance back on the right foot. Everybody involved is no longer

hiding their...

Germany - a marathon country?

Financial support weakens in the year after the Olympics, Federation turns a

cold shoulder on the runners - and events are booming.

What is going to happen to the marathon in Germany? At any rate, the results

of the best runners in the last season (2000) are modest. As federal trainer,

Wolfgang Heinig does not have an easy job. For the last 6 months he has been

responsible not only for the women, but also for the mens team, and this is

proving to be a real challenge. Not so much the women,...

Blood Testing at Top of Agenda for World`s Leading Marathons

The real,- BERLIN-MARATHON has joined forces with four of the worlds leading

big city marathons, London, Boston, Chicago and New York City, in signing a

declaration aimed at ensuring the integrity of the sport of marathon running

through a world-wide acceptance of blood testing, in and out of competition. It

is believed many other international marathons and road races will follow their


The seven point declaration calls up on the IAAF and each of their

respective governing bodies to allow...

Feb 2001


The introduction of the ChampionChip system has proved an invaluable aid in the

detection of runners who do not complete the entire Marathon course. At London

the marathon route makes it quite simple to cut off a significant section as we

use one stretch of road in both directions. Before we started using the Chip we

always believed that a number of runners used this shortcut but now we have

much more evidence in our battle against these sad people.

Immediately after our race each spring we...


Last years record number of participants - 8,137 runners from 48 countries -

seems to have been a breakthrough towards even more success in the future. Up

until now 4,286 runners have registered to start this year (last year on the

same date: 1,397 registrations had been received) - the magic number of 10,000

participants now seems attainable. The BERLIN HALFMARATHON is by far the

largest and fastest half marathon in Germany.

Marathon Fair in the Kongresshalle at Alexanderplatz: From Friday...

adidas and SCC Berlin prolong successful partnership

adidas and SCC Berlin have extended their partnership with the real,-

BERLIN-MARATHON until 2005, continuing an agreement which is oriented towards

professionalism and success.

"The real,- BERLIN-MARATHON is the most important single running event

in Germany. We are pleased to be making a long-term contribution to this top

international event", commented Oliver Brüggen, Press Spokesperson

for adidas Area Central.

As Official Sponsor and Supplier to Germanys biggest marathon, adidas will


BERLIN-MARATHON with real,- as its title sponsor

The organisers of the BERLIN-MARATHON are pleased to announce that another

title sponsor has been found. The successful completion of the year 2000

marathon marked the end of all our sponsorship contracts. We immediately

started a series of negotiations in order to secure both the funding and the

best possible conditions for this important event and, as a result, were able

to sign up real,-, the very successful hypermarket chain, as our title sponsor

for the next few years.

The organisers of SCC...

"We cannot practise magic - we just can prevent it"

The medical team of the BERLIN-MARATHON presents itself:

This slogan, well known from TV, makes you smile. Of course instead of

"cheap" we say "prevent".

Headlines in newspapers, like a couple of years ago, "Death

participates in the marathon", we took seriously, despite the loud style.

The BERLIN- MARATHON in "Emergency Room" or "Doctors on a

mission"? No, the medicine of the BERLIN- MARATHON doesn want to be a

rescuer. Death is something natural you can meet everywhere, even in a

marathon. But...

Jan 2001

Online-Entry for fast Skaters possible

In order to have a better control of the skaters wishing to start in the first

starting blocks (sub 1:30 hours) of the BERLIN-MARATHON we ask for a proof of

their capability. This can be shown by a copy of a certificate or results lists

when sending the entry form. For further information see below at figure 1.

Because of a change in our software, skaters with personal bests of sub 1:30

can also enter online, if they achieved their times in Berlin in 1999 or 2000.

Great care has to put on the...

Entry Form for Speed-Skaters available

Finally we can present you the new entry form for the 28th BERLIN-MARATHON for

Speed-Skaters on the 30th of September 2001.

It took a little longer because we needed the time to reflect on the last

race and take up some recommendations and criticism into account. The following

changes will be enforced:

1) Entry Limit, Starting Blocks and Personal Best Times With 6,741

participants the BERLIN-MARATHON was the biggest Skate-Marathon in the world.

We entered unknown territory and after the race...

Second only to Chicago

The real,- BERLIN-MARATHON once again retained its excellent position among the

rankings for races over the classic distance of 42,195 km last year. In the

table of the fastest marathon runs worldwide, which is calculated from the

average of the 10 best male results, only Chicago beats Berlin.

In the meantime, the Americans achieved an average time of 2:07:03,6 hours,

which means that Chicago is 11.2 seconds ahead of the real,- BERLIN-MARATHON.

There is a similar difference between Berlin...