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Dec 2014
Nov 2014

Registration is open for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating

There is nothing like anticipation – and you can start looking forward to the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating 2015 with registration opened recently. Secure your spot in the marathon today – or for all three inline races organised by SCC EVENTS, as we are again offering a discounted season package deal for 2015.

The BMW BERLIN-MARATHON and TAG Heuer initiate partnership

TAG Heuer is the new official timing partner for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. The manufacturer of Avant-Garde watches and chronographs, located in La Chaux-des-Fonds, Switzerland, has previously been most active as a sponsor of motor racing, but is now expanding its activities to partner with long-distance races, as well. TAG Heuer is also the timing partner for the TCS New York City Marathon and the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

Oct 2014
Sep 2014

Inline skaters faster than ever before

Two fantastic new course records at the 41st BMW BERLIN MARATHON Inline Skating. Bart Swings of Belgium only required 58.10 minutes on his race to victory. And Manon Kamminga (NED) also set a new record with her time of 1:07:44 hours. Both skaters repeated their victories from 2013. Under beautiful sunny skies, 5,652 registered skaters celebrated a festival on wheels.

Dennis Kimetto makes marathon history on the streets of Berlin while Tirfi Tsegaye’s patience is rewarded with women’s world lead at the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON

Dennis Kimetto won the 41st BMW BERLIN-MARATHON with a world record of 2:02:57, clocking the first ever sub 2:03 time in a marathon. Kimetto improved the world record set by his fellow Kenyan Wilson Kipsang from last year’s BMW BERLIN-MARATHON by 26 seconds. Second-placed Kenyan Emmanuel Mutai clocked 2:03:13 and was also inside the former world record. Ethiopia’s Abera Kuma took third in 2:05:56.

MY JOURNEY - Party at “Wilder Eber”

The roundabout “Wilder Eber” is a classic spot on the course of BMW BERLIN-MARATHON. Many runners look especially forward to this highlight. The atmosphere here is always loud and fun with many spectators. The SCC cheerleader group, which is led by Nathalie Krause, plays important part in creating this party feeling.

MY JOURNEY - Finishing area is arising

While the skaters and runners still wait for their races on Saturday and Sunday, the contest against time already started in the start-finish area: Within few days the BMW BERLIN -MARATHON-Team builts up the start and finishing area. The most exciting area of ​​42.195 km is arising ...

MY JOURNEY - Samba against hitting the wall

Thomas Kraberg’s “Alegria do Samba” is one of dozens of bands that year after year help make the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON a true street festival. At no other marathon in the world are there as many diverse musical styles to be heard.

The big final for all young skaters

They are the only ones, who can still register: our inline skaters of tomorrow. On Saturday afternoon, 27th September, the big final of the SCC-Skating KidsCup 2014 will take place at the marathon home stretch.

MY JOURNEY - Keep on drumming till the bus goes by

To be exact, Katrin Bruck’s journey to the marathon began with the Team Relay in 2007. When a few of her colleagues announced that they would be participating in the 5x5 km relay, she decided to cheer them on with the drumming group “Wasabi Daiko” that she had founded a year earlier.

The app for the 2014 BMW BERLIN MARATHON

Once again this year there is a great app for the BMW BERLIN MARATHON with many features for the event, including training tips and tracking for Sunday, so your friends and family can follow you and the favourites throughout the race in the city.

Free clinics with Jorge Botero

Together with our marathon partner Rollerblade, we are once again offering our popular training clinics to help you prepare for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating. This time we will have Jorge Botero from Columbia here in the capital as our guest, who will be sharing his experience with all interested skaters. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to train with the three-time world champion and gain some valuable advice to help you improve your skating technique.

MY JOURNEY - Running for Little Heroes

When her husband unexpectedly walked out the door leaving her alone with three small children, running saved Anni’s life – or so she believes. Now, one and a half years and 3.000 kilometers later, the 35-year-old is doing ok. “I don’t have to run to stay sane anymore,” she laughs. “I guess I ran it all out of my system.”

MY JOURNEY - "The Keeper of the Course"

The man in charge of the course layout, Michael Feistkorn, knows the course of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON like the back of his hand. He is constantly underway between the start and finish, especially in the weeks before the race. His journey requires attention to detail, and he closely examines every single kilometre.

MY JOURNEY - Between kitchen and running trails

Michael Kempf, from Sigmaringen, is a renowned chef at FACIL, a restaurant in the Mandala Hotel at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. He has already been honoured with two Michelin stars and was recently crowned “Chef of the Year” in 2014. The 37-year-old is a perfectionist and passionate about his cooking.

When Michael Kempf arrived in Berlin six years ago, he was quickly infected with the city’s running fever. He runs about 120 kilometres every week and is currently preparing for his fourth BMW...

Power songs from the second story

His address on Hauptstrasse is well-known among the hard core BMW MARATHON fans: just past Innsbrucker Platz, rock music streams out from the second story balcony. For almost twenty years, musician Sebastian Faust has been providing his own special motivation here.

MY JOURNEY - The longest day of the year

One cannot really say when Mark Milde’s “Journey” really began. Through his family, the concept of “marathon” was undoubtedly part of his vocabulary earlier than for most kids. For the past ten years he has been the race director.



BMW BERLIN MARATHON will remain the inline skating highlight of 2015

The BMW BERLIN MARATHON is not only one of the most important races on the national and international running calendar – there is no more important race for the skaters either. And that will not change in 2015. At the end of last week, SCC EVENTS announced that the 42nd BMW BERLIN MARATHON will take place on September 26, 2015.

MY JOURNEY - Help, my husband runs

Irene (28) from Zürich will be accompanying her husband Pascal (31) when he heads to the BMW BERLIN MARATHON. But that is not all. She even has a blog about this experience: “Help, my husband runs”.

MY JOURNEY - The Königs have given each other marathon fever

It all began a little over four years ago. Father Dieter (now 55) had to keep himself fit for his work. As a policeman, he regularly ran 5K, and he inspired his son, Tomm, now 26, to add running to his fitness regime that already included going to the gym ...

Marathon Training: Recovery is essential for Improvement

With less than four weeks left until the BMW BERLIN MARATHON 2014 the final training phase is now in full swing – higher mileages, increased training frequency and a higher percentage of runs at marathon race pace.

MY JOURNEY: from a volunteer to a runner to a marathon runner

Sven (40) explains what special circumstances led him to the marathon:


My BERLIN-MARATHON story began many, many years ago. Back then, Horst Milde was Race Director, and his son Mark was still in high school, as was the current technical director, Carsten Humrich.

MY JOURNEY - it was her birthday present

Julia is preparing for her first BMW BERLIN MARATHON in her life. How she came to the idea of participating a marathon, shows our first countdown video portrait …

Aug 2014

MY JOURNEY – marathon fever at the roadside

The BMW BERLIN MARATHON is clearly highlighted in red on the calendar of Jürgen Tschötschel and his wife. “For us, this is one of the highlights of the year.” The two retirees get up at the same time as the runners and start to prepare. “When the starting shot is fired at 8:45 am, we turn on our TV so we can watch the race live and see how fast the first runners take off.”

MY JOURNEY: "now inline skating, next time running"

As a woman in the German military, Janine Mälzer had to be tough in the beginning. She found that sport was the best way to get fit and strong. “Back when I was stationed near Wilmershaven, I recall not being able to jog the 500 metres to the gym.” So the woman from Berlin knew she had to change something.

MY JOURNEY – last test on the journey

For many runners it was the last test on the journey to the BMW BERLIN MARATHON in September: the 6th “Stadtlauf Berlin von SportScheck und BMW”.

How it went and how they enjoyed, you can see in our event film …


MY JOURNEY - "This is our moment."

Being a volunteer at the BERLIN-MARATHON can mean a lot of different things, since there is so many different types of them – Laura Katz tells us about, how she manages being highly motivated on an early Sunday morning and why handing out medals is rewarding even for herself.


MY JOURNEY – \"Why not simply reach for the stars?”

Running is, of course, important. But just how important it is to simply be able to breathe in and out is something that Carina Heinrichs learned as sports suddenly became something far out of reach for her. Three years ago, the 28-year-old was brought to the hospital when she was having a hard time breathing. The diagnosis: Bronchitis-induced asthma. “I was not able to lie, or stand, without pain; only sitting on my bed was bearable.”

MY JOURNEY – “I want to be able to do that, too.”

Kathrin Gartner begins to drift off as she tells us about this family experience. “I and all of the spectators near me were so filled with amazement at every runner who passed by! The atmosphere was magical."

Last Chance: Limited starting spots fur runners now available to participate in the 41st BMW BERLIN MARATHON 2014

Well-trained athletes now have a chance to secure one of the last charity spots to participate in this year’s BMW BERLIN MARATHON, as we have received all remaining starting spots from our tour operators, partners and sponsors. We are delighted to be able to offer these spots directly to our runners who have been holding out on a chance to participate.

The participation fee is 158 euros, of which 60 euros is being donated to a charity project of the German Heart Centre (Deutsches Herzzentrum)....

Making it possible...

Good news for all marathon fans! There are still race numbers left for the biggest marathon event in the world: The BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating. Moreover, we just extended the closing date. Until the 22nd August you can still get your race number!

Jul 2014

Top contenders at the 2014 BMW BERLIN-MARATHON

Half Marathon World Champion Kamworor and WMM winner Emmanuel Mutai to challenge Kimetto and Kebede at world's fastest marathon. US runner Shalane Flanagan to face competition from Ethiopia and Kenya in the women's competition.

Training clinics with Jorge Botero for all inline skaters

Together with our marathon partner Rollerblade, we are once again offering our popular training clinics to help you prepare for the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON Inline Skating. This time we will have Jorge Botero from Columbia here in the capital as our guest, who will be sharing his experience with all interested skaters. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to train with the three-time world champion and gain some valuable advice to help you improve your skating technique.

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Get a health check-up before your races - Frido shows, how it works

The long-term effects of endurance sports are good for your health. However, if you recently were fighting illness or injury, you have to be careful. It is important to get a sports health check before participating in any competitions or increased physical activity in order to rule out a higher risk.

Skating into spring

Spring is just around the corner and with it the start of the new inline season. The start for the 34th Vattenfall BERLIN HALF MARATHON will take place in less than four weeks. There is no better race than Germany’s largest and most important half marathon to celebrate the official start of the season. At the opening of the GERMAN INLINE CUP 2014 Berlin will be all yours, with 21.095 kilometers of open road.

Feb 2014

One price, skate twice – the skating package 2014

Berlin is always worth a trip, and the SCC EVENTS inline skating races are a must for every skater... as is the skating package 2014! That means that you can participate in the Vattenfall BERLIN HALF MARATHON and in the BMW BERLIN MARATHON Inline Skating for one attractive price.

Jan 2014